World Poker Tour S12 5diamond clip – Shaun stacks his chips like a cross!




World Poker Tour Season 12, Five Diamond, at the end of the featured hand Mike and Vince are talking about poker pro Shaun Suller “the hawaiian”. Mike comments on how Shaun is a spiritual guy and stacks his chips in the form of a cross. Its not often that poker and spirituality are mentioned together but its cool to see. AlohA!

This is a clip I’m very proud of.  To hear Mike say that on the broadcast was surreal.  Stacking my chips in the form of a cross began in the HPT final table I made a week before this final table.  I caught fire in those two weeks on two different televised live major tours.  It was a magical run and God was definitely a part of it.

Here is a picture of the HPT tournament I final tabled were the cross chip stack was born.  “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.” ~ Isaiah 54-17


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