Wim Hof Breathing to Withstand the Snow @ Mt. Charleston, NV by Shaun Suller- Gyoga

The power of deep, rhythmic breathing is profound. Made popular by the Iceman, Wim Hof – @iceman_hof (instagram) , the world record holder for ice bathing, I use a breathing technique he mastered to withstand the cold snow and wind. Filmed at Mt Charleston in southern NV at an elevation of aprx 7,000 feet. The air temperature was about 30 degrees F with 25-30 mph winds making the wind chill feel about 15 degrees.

I performed the breathing exercise for about 20 minutes prior to the walk and entered a trance-like mental state. My body relaxes and energizes. I can feel my heart pumping and my blood circulating the oxygen. The deep breathing alkalizes the body from the increased uptake of oxygen (scientists who have studied Wim Hof have proved this.)

This is what it takes to let go of the mind, or in other terms bypass the minds interpretation of the feeling and sensations created by the external environment. Breaking the panic mode of thoughts when facing a potential threatening situation. We simulate the fight or flight survival mode response by the exposure to the cold then work with the energy generated through the breathing. The deep breathing allows circulation of the energy, relaxes and overrides the mind. Near the end of the video, you can notice a sense of calm come over me that nature seems to harmonize with.

Mahalo for watching the video. Contact me if you would like to learn how to do the breathing exercise. I have a video tutorial to share with you.

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