Snap Story of Peyton & Shaun’s Excellent Adventure; Road Trip 2017 Las Vegas > CT

The journey began on May 20th, 2017 leaving our home in Las Vegas, NV and ended 9 days later at our final destination of Shelton, CT. Shelton, CT is the home of my ohana (family) as well as the wiffle ball and the Bic lighter. Every time I flick my Bic I’m reminded of sweet home Shelton. With the Toyota Tacoma loaded up with the truck air bed and LED lighting in the camper we were ready to get a taste of the truck camping life.

The snap story shows the highlights of the trip that I was able to catch in between enjoying the moment. There are a lot of parts I missed, including bad beats, such as the laundromat in Oklahoma and the flopped flush getting sucked out on by an Ac in a $1300 pot. You don’t get to see the campsite in the wilderness of Sedona that was sick and the neighbor camper’s fire pit with the homemade carne asada that was even sicker! Hands down the best camping dinner I have ever had. I hope to come across them again the next time I’m camping there, the aloha was real. After that interaction I knew the trip would be blessed.

After Sedona was the petrified forest of AZ National Park. Not much of a forest but a lot of rock hard tree stumps and logs lying around. Quite amazing, the apetrified wood is from the time period of when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Up next, enter the casinos and the poker room of Sandia Casino in Albuquerque, NM. Shout out to Starr for the recommendation, this gave me the brilliant idea to truck camp each night at a different casino along the way. This made sense since the parking lots are patrolled by security and allow RVs to do the same. It also made dollars since I could play cash game poker and book small wins for gas money, food & entertainment along the way.

The trip culminates with the best poker session in Columbus, Ohio at Hollywood Casino. From there the excitement picks up in Pittsburgh with a Pirates/Mets game, a FloRida concert (that Peyton was dying to take him to) and a winning session at Rivers Casino. I should of stayed an extra night there and took snaps of the Elk burger from Burgatory. Last stop, Mohegan Sun Pocono for a sunday turbo bounty tournament too bad the horse track wasn’t running. I guess that leaves room for more exploring on the way back. I’m already planning the stops in my mind and hitting one of the casinos bad beat jackpots is what I’ll dream about.

Contact me if you have any suggestions for casinos, poker rooms, national parks, hiking trails or any other sites or friend pit stops for the journey back to Vegas. Another shout out is in order to Tagg who let me shower and hangout with him in St. Louis, next time we go eat some real St. Louis food. See y’all on the return.

~ AlohA ~

Mahalo to the sacred ones, aumakua, for the safety and protection on the long drive. Which is above all the most important part of the trip, safe travels. Godspeed & G Bless.

Well after a great yoga teacher training we drove back to sin city and here is part two, the return trip, to complete the journey. Enjoy!

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