Crazy Pineapple NL Tournament, Southpoint LV 2/17/2019

It has been awhile since I last posted a tournament recap here but this one had to be shared. Southpoint Poker Room holds a $60 Crazy Pineapple Tournament every Sunday at 3pm. My roommate wanted to play it, I wasn’t going to until he bought a pineapple from the grocery store.

Now having tended to the most succulent sugarloaf pineapples on the aina in Maui I was against buying the pineapple. However, once I realized we could use it as a prop trophy for a last longer bet in the Crazy Pineapple tournament that Sunday I was glad he did.

We decided to try and get a $20 last longer going. Out of the 31 players only one other player joined us. We had three total. We all made the final table. The pineapple was in play, I had the chip lead.

I would go on to dominate and get heads up versus the only other player besides my roommate in the last longer. His name was Bruce. We didn’t chop and played it out. I won the last longer, the $530 first place prize but more importantly the Halakahiki.

The whole room was filled for the 7pm tournament by the time my QQ2 hand won the allin versus Bruce. I stood up, raised the pineapple and announced I was the Halakahiki Champion and to come play me for the pineapple next Sunday. I felt everyone’s eyes on me in that moment. It was classic. We will see if more players join the last longer this Sunday.

On another note if anyone out there would like to back me for the upcoming WSOP Circuit Main Event at the Rio March 10th, I am ready to play and WIN! Just ask the pineapple. For weeding the pineapple gardens you are rewarded with mana from the food blessings received in return. Oh how I want to weed your garden bed once again. Mahalo ke Akua.