Shaun gets mentioned in the book Excelling at No Limit Holdem in the chapter by Mike Sexton!!!

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For a poker book that has been called the modern day Super System (the most famous and one of the first poker strategy books authored by the legend, Doyle Brunson) it is quite an honor to be mentioned in the chapter that was written by Mike Sexton, hall of fame poker player & commentator of the World Poker Tour.  I met Mike the first year I played the WPT’s Five Diamond Main Event in 2013 when he got moved to my table on Day 3.  I asked him for an autograph for my hawaiian brother from another mother, AAron Kagan (refer to this cool story about him ) after we bagged chips.  He signed the tournament’s structure sheet for me which I still have framed and hanging on my wall.   Mike is known for his great poker one liners, I remember the first one he told me after I told him about my HPT TV final table appearance from the prior week, he said “in this game heaters can be for real.” He was 100% correct as I went on an $700k WPT heater that season.

But nothing will top my all time favorite quote from Mike during episode two of the WPT Five Diamond broadcast that aired to millions of viewers around the world   said “Shaun’s a real spiritual guy, he even stacks his chips in a cross every once in awhile…”  view on youtube link to video clip on youtube

Getting back to the book Mike’s chapter is definitely my favorite now.  Although I’ve worked a lot with Jared Tendler and his book The Mental Game of Poker is what helped develop my game and take me to the professional level.  And the hypnotism chapter by Eliot Roe is interesting.  In my yoga practice I use a similar relaxation technique that is described in the self hypnosis section of the chapter.  Great stuff Jonathan Little, keep em coming.

Check out the excerpts from Mike’s chapter below.  Aloha,

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