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The story starts with a near death experience involving Shaun and a car wreck. Shaun had recently totaled his 2000 Toyota Celica in a car crash in which a split second difference could have ended his life.  After a week of going without a car in Honolulu he had enough.  It was at local poker game in Hawaii, where he was down to his last $75 bankroll and a swap in the tournament he just busted that he would meet a car salesman that would lead him to the G the next day.  Luck would have it that Shaun would run up his $75 roll in the cash game session to $1100 and his buddy that he swapped with in the tournament would win first place.  The next day Shaun would go to the dealership with the intention of viewing the car and hurrying to another $500 tournament at noon that day.

Shaun viewed the G as his “realistic” dream car at the time, it was what he wanted.  The salesman was able to give him the car with 0% down payment and 1.5% interest as well as have him out the door in time to make the noon tournament.  A complete win, win.  Shaun was ecstatic as he drove his new car to the tournament.  Rocking his first NY Mets #22 Suller jersey he went on to win first place outright in the tournament.  He would  use a portion of the winnings for a down payment on the vehicle.  It was in that moment on 9/3/2012 that G-POKER was born.  After this experience, Shaun knew what had to be done.  He de-badged the G35 emblem from the trunk of the car and order the Hawaii vanity plates G-POKER.

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Once the new license plates were received and placed on the vehicle.  Things really started to take off for Shaun on the poker felt in the Hawaii local games.  In order to further his poker studies he decided to mentor a friend of his, Aaron Kagan.  There is a beautiful story that pokerlistings.com wrote up at Shaun and Aaron’s first WSOP Main Event experience that really does a great job of sharing Aaron’s story and GPOKERs beginnings. You can find the article here pokerlistings.com article, AK interview

And that my friends is how Gpoker was started.  Gpoker has now evolved its meaning into something much more deeper and meaningful for Shaun.  The letter G can mean whatever the person interpreting it wants.  For example, a lot of people have asked does it mean great? gangster? gay? girl? ganja? grands? and to them Shaun answer’s yes.  That is correct the G means whatever the observer sees in it.  It has developed into somewhat of a philosophy.   For Shaun, it has the penultimate meaning of God.  God poker.  Although some people may view poker as sac-religious, Shaun has found God through poker.  Poker has brought a happiness and new found peace to Shaun’s life.  Faith in something greater than ourselves has helped Shaun fight thru some of the toughest tournament fields there is.  One of Shaun’s proudest moments on the World Poker Tour Season 12 was in episode 2 of the Five Diamond final table airings was when legendary commentator Mike Sexton stated “…and Shaun’s a real spiritual guy, he even stacks his chips in the form of a cross…”   Shaun created the cross chip stack formation in his final table run on the Heartland Poker Tour after being down to 20bbs Shaun kept faith and found the cross rise all the way to the televised final table.


So with that being said, “Don’t run good, run like GOD”   G-POKER

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