Raw Deal feat Tony Dunst, WPT World Poker Tour S12 Five Diamond breaking down my play – ICARUS or Cinderella?

In this Raw Deal segment of the Five Diamond Season 12, Tony breaks down my play and inexperience at my first WPT final table versus the other more experienced pros. He takes a couple of hands that I won and points out how I may have misplayed the hand. Choosing whether to check or bet when out of position with a marginal strength hand is always a tricky proposition. But Tony does an excellent job at breaking down the likely hands in the opponent’s range and what they’re given action would do in response to my play.

In both hands analyzed I made C game mistakes. How awesome is it to have Tony give you poker coaching in this great WPT segment? Definitely one of my favorite parts of the World Poker Tour episodes. I love going back to all the old poker videos I have and seeing the mistakes I used to make. They are great reminders that don’t cost any more money, just possibly PTSD from watching them again.

I share this now as I am inspired to play the World Poker Tour main event at the Venetian this weekend. Given my success in main events and how focused I have been on my self lately I know I can win this tournament. Everything seems to be falling in place to sell action and play this event which may have seemed impossible. But God believes in accomplishing the impossible and I have found thee within. With that power, that mana, I too can achieve the impossible. For my will is stronger, my skill is my creative art, time to bring the magic back to the WPT felt.

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