Hundred Dollar Hero Poker Strategy Vlog Series Sessh 1

Check out this poker strategy vlog were I discuss a hundred dollar buyin strategy for 1/2 No Limit Holdem. I am evolving the strategy in an attempt to build a bankroll again after playing poker professionally since 2013, making investments, buying a house and going busto. The roller coaster ride of a career has taught me a lot about poker and I am even more confident in my skills of rebuilding and becoming a top ranked tournament player once again. To rebuild you must start over, humbly, at the bottom. Putting ego aside and being able to step down to rise back up is what I feel will make me a great champion when that time comes.

I discuss the following poker strategy concepts in this video:

– Poker Bonuses & High Hand strategy adjustment
– Bet Sizing & Set Mining the Hundo stack
– Hand History of a couple hands played in session 1
– Poker rake, tournaments vs. cash games

The cash game session takes place on 4/19/2018 at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, NV. They were running a $400 high hand bonus give away every 30 minutes, a $100 splash pot every hour and a static bad beat jackpot of $20k for promotions. Quite the incentive to play low stakes cash game there and with the hundred dollar strategy you have the smallest amount of risk possible for the game. I am loving the low risk, high reward potential so far and will continue to track the progress.

Session 2 has been played and results are in. Will Shaun run up the buyin to play the Wynn 250k guarantee? Check back soon.

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