Hiking with Peyton: Kings Canyon NP, Muir Rock & Roaring River Falls

So I had this idea to get a go pro and start recording my hiking/camping trips that I have been going on.  I wanted to attach the go pro to Peyton’s vest however I haven’t figured out a mount attachment for it yet.  Work in progress.  I’m posting them to the youtube under the subscription named, The Hiking Channel.  Click on subscribe in the youtube video posts and be my first subscriber and get a dog treat from Peyton 😉

This first video above is a real short hike from Roads End at the end of highway 180 E in Kings Canyon of Muir Rock.  This landmark has to be the spot in the summer for a refreshing jump in.  In fact the video of Roaring River Falls below had a rope to assist you to the diving spot to jump in.  It was late October so I didn’t go for the swim although it would have been a more exciting video.  I could have even showcased my Iceman Wim Hof skills!

Enjoy the scenery and my corny narrating.

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