Hand History from 2015 AZ St. Poker Championship 2015

I was reviewing my notes from last year, in preparation for the Arizona State Poker Championship this weekend, when I stumbled upon the following hand history. This hand demonstrates how soft the field is in this tournament and a great way to entice a call from an amateur  who is in the tank.

From my notes “The boss play I made was against the mexican tilted guy (in big blind) where I got AA on the button. There was an open limp at 100/200 and I raised to 6X, 1200, sb snap called. BB defended. Flop comes 995, the sb leads for 3k, the bb calls, now its perfect spot for me to jam allin given the pot size is now greater than 10k and I have around 9k after my raise pf. Its 6800 more for the opponents to call after pulling in the 3k. The sb folds the bb tanks. Given our history I am trying to figure out what to say that can entice a call. I come up with nothing except this, calling the clock. I call clock and the dealer freezes up and ignores my request, however it insights the call from him with T8o! Ten high and a backdoor strait draw. It was beautiful the jack came on turn for a sweat but another on river gave me the double and I felt like a pro.”

When the opponent was in the tank there was probably nothing I could say to get him to call.  However, putting more pressure on him by calling the clock frustrated him enough to make the mistake.  Calling the clock on your opponent who is in the tank is an unorthodox tactic that can work to your advantage against the right opponent.
Hope to see you again this year. AlohA.
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