Gpoker Strategy VLOG#1, NLH 1/2 Cash Game at the Golden Nugget: Shaun gets owned by Dixon

Shaun details a “spur of the moment” cash game session at the Golden Nugget in which he gets owned by Dixon, the retiree. Enjoy

Hand History Details:
Shaun’s Hand QdTd in bb, stack 300
Dixon in UTG, stack 100 hand revealed in video

Flop: 7d3d9c Turn: Brick

Result 🙁

2 Responses to “Gpoker Strategy VLOG#1, NLH 1/2 Cash Game at the Golden Nugget: Shaun gets owned by Dixon”

  1. I guess the strategy for discussion from this video is the play by Dixon. He open limped QQ utg on a 50bb starting stack then flat called my raise from the BB. I have been noticing a lot of players similar to Dixon and other inexperienced players flat calling with QQ. In my next video I will discuss a hand from the Arizona State Poker Championship in which a very new tournament player (possibly his first tournament he’s played) flat call from the small blind QQ a 3bet by button with three other players behind. I think this strategy of playing QQueens conservatively has some merit but also is flawed.

    What do you guys think?

    In the hand with the AAces I really didn’t think through the action and was tilted from prior hands. Dixon open limp/called QQ from UTG. In the AAces hand he open raised UTG to $7, this is screaming AK, AA or KK, especially if he told me prior that he folded JJ to my 3bet after he open limped with the hand in EP. Definitely something that was easily noticed after my aggressive mistake. In the moment I didn’t slow down and take all the information I had available into consideration. Even at small stakes you need to slow down and think. A humbling session for sure.

    Mahalo for teaching me something Dixon, Aloha ~

  2. Nothing like being owned by the old guard… I’m sure u got dixon’s day started in the right direction… Loving the vlog… Think I might do a video diary myself so I remember my mistakes.. Keep it up!

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