Foot Stomp the Earth to Release Negative Energy

Foot Stomping the Earth Ceremony to Release Negative Energy:

Background Information:

1) In Forrest yoga foundation teacher training (FYFTT), anatomy course by Ellen Heed I learned about how the coccyx/tailbone is similar to an antenna that picks up earth energy and electro magnetic frequencies radiated from the Earth.

2) In Taoism there is the yuang chuan K1 meridian at the bottom of the foot that vents excess chi energy.

3) In the Hawaiian Kahunaism system they also believe that negative energy exits thru the bottom of the foot.

Putting all this together after the anatomy course during FYFTT at night under the new moon while having a smoking ceremony and calling in the four directions, I listended to misery’s end (a song by Mike Love & Paula Fuga found on youtube that reminds me of when I left HI for Las Vegas) and had a realization. I had ignored and blocked the emotional pain that I felt moving to Vegas from HI and having a horrible losing summer in poker and first year there. I definitely had depression and anxiety which was relieved by doing yoga however I felt it was still inside me and was time to let this shit go for good.

As I was barefoot in the fresh cut grass, I got into malasana, squat pose. I began to ground myself to the earth and tuck my tailbone, engaging my pelvic floor with mula bandha. I began to visualize drawing up new Earth energy. I then stood up and began to stomp my feet. I chanted some random sounds as I stomped around the Earth and my backyard where I grew up as a kid. I started to have flashbacks of playing on the swing set as a kid as well as falling down the foundation and getting knocked out unconscious as a kid for the first time.

I visualized all the bad beats that happened to me when I moved to Vegas and stomped those out. All the pain and tears, stomping it into the Earth using this element to purify and release these emotions. After stomping the shit out of my feet, I felt lighter. I felt refreshed and renewed. It was an intuitive ceremony that felt so right that I knew it as true to myself. I got into malasana/squat pose again and brought in new energy and closed out the ceremony with a Hawaiian blessing.

So if you have any negative energy or thoughts, take off your shoes and stomp that shit into the Earth, the Earth loves the it and turns it into fertilizer according to Ana Forrest.

Aho & Aloha!

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  1. The coccyx is the guiding force for innate energy through out the body. This is felt by chiropractic medicine. With subluxation of the spine, when the spinal bones get out of alignment, this interferes with the flow of innate energy which is an energy you can’t see but is the in all cells of the body .

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