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This is a very insightful quote by the inspirational Alan Watts.  I discovered Alan’s motivational videos on youtube and they have really provided inspiration in following my dreams as a poker pro. This quote discusses the very basic and fundamental “meaning of life”.  That one thing that Curly inferred to Billy Crystal in the classic movie “City Slickers”.  The part of the quote that needs a little deeper thought on is the last part that says “…as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.”  When read quickly, it almost sounds negative in nature however with deeper insight you find that this makes perfect sense.  When we try and become someone other than ourselves or go beyond ourselves we are not staying true to what we truly our.  To really understand the meaning of our life, we must be true to ourselves and search within.  I have been practicing and studying a lot of mediation recently and the search for this meaning and looking within ourselves is the overall goal.

I found deeper insight into this quote after watching another great hero of mine, Bruce Lee.  Here is a link to the videoBruce Lee – Wisdom .  In the video at aprx. 3:15 into it there is an interview with Bruce’s daughter, she goes on to say how inspirational Bruce was to a lot of people and that the key to his success was that he just wanted to be the best “HIM” he could be.  Bruce did not go beyond himself to find success, he found it within.  So now you can see how staying within yourself and being the best “you” you can be is the key to achieving your dreams and goals and when they are attuned with “divine will” you will not fail.  “Divine will” is a whole other topic for discussion that I will write about later.

Mahalo for taking the time to read this moment of reflection. Aloha,

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