Intellectual Media by Shaun Suller


Aloha & Welcome! 

This is where I will be posting my personal stories, anecdotes, musings, thoughts on various readings, prayers and of course poker stories.  Scroll over the heading at the top of the page and then click on the link for the specific post you would like to view.  I will title the posts by date and include a brief description on the topic.

My wish is that this entertains, inspires, shares wisdom and experiences that everyone can potentially benefit from.  Ever since I was fired from my full-time job back  August 2013 and I had the opportunity to chase & achieve my dream, my life has been blessed with happiness, peace and prosperity.  It isn’t easy and there are a lot of tough times.  I have learned more about life and myself in the past five years than I have in 17 years of formal schooling.  I look to share the light I have found with everyone I come across or encounter along the way.  Mahalo for your attention & patience (sabali).

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